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License CPC4 DC  700 €
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License MCM2 DC  800 €
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License ACM2.1 OBD  1000 €
License ACM2.1 DC  800 €
License ACM2 OBD  1000 €
License ACM2 DC  800 €
License SFTP CALC  300 €
License CPC3 EXTRA  250 €
License 2018+  850 €
License 2014+  850 €
License 2011+  500 €
License MB MEMO  500 €
License MB KEYS  500 €
License MB CALC  500 €
License FR  700 €
License FR BSL  300 €
License CPC BSL  300 €
License ADM BSL  600 €
License ADM EXTRA  100 €
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License IVECO VCM2 BSL  500 €  New!
License IVECO VCM3 BSL  700 €  New!
License IVECO CALC  500 €
License MAN KEYS  850 €
License MAN FFR  700 €
License FFR BSL  300 €
License CR (CDI)  500 €
License CRV  200 €
Update and Support Service  960 €
DirectConnect cable  200 €
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Key for MAN truck  9 €  15 €
Key for MB truck GHU-72ATPO  9 €  15 €
Key for MB truck GHU-72TPO  9 €  15 €
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PSA Explorer  1200 €  1890 €
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    Truck Explorer Revolution

Truck Explorer Revolution

Truck Explorer Revolution

Product code:   D1951K0010

Price:   2200.00 €


Truck Explorer Revolution kit is best for the specialists who just starting work with trucks. It has popular functions to work over OBD. If you prefer to work on the bench also, please choose a Standard V6 kit.

Support and updates for 12 months are included.
Warranty for hardware 12 months.
Updated kit from 2019-04-01.

Short description:

Included licenses:

1 MB MEMO PLD (MR)  external FLASH & EEPROMs Read&Write;  Checksum; Chip-tuning protection remove.
2 MB KEYS Key programming on PLD (MR).  MR&FR IMMO OFF
3 MB CALC Calculates codes for VeDoc (algorithm X1, X2, X8);  FDOK (XT, XN) algorithms
FR FR&CPC Flash EEPROM Read/Write. OBD and DC2. CPC3  & CPC NAFTA not supported.
5 2011+ MEMO; KEYS; CALC; DC2 functionality with Continental PLD based on XC2xxx processor type. PLD firmware v.: 22B; 23E; 24B.
6 CRV S, ML, GL class CRV & CRV2 Flash&EEPROM R/W via OBD
7 CR (CDI) V-class CR1 Flash & EEPROM R/W; WSP<>CR pairing
Key programming on MAN FFR and PTM. 
Parring EDC with PTM, EDC with FFR, MS6 with FFR
9 SFTP DIAG MB SFTP (MP4) DTC Read /Erase. Full report. OBD/DC2
10 MB EXTRA Speed limit R/W for PLD and FR; Torque limit R/W; AdBlue error Erase
11 CPC3 EXTRA Speed limit R/W for SFTP: MCM and CPC3;
12 MB DIAG Fault codes Read&Erase; All code descriptions are up to date 
13 Android Truck Explorer Android 2.1 license 
14 Update/support 12 months updates & support subscription

Included hardware: 

1 VEI V6 device
2 USB A to USB B
3 OBD2F-4-MB14 (MB) adapter
4  OBD2F-4-MN12 (MAN) adapter

1. License MB MEMO

The license allows to Read/Write FLASH and EEPROMs of MR (PLD) control unit.
It is possible to connect to the unit via:
- OBD (MR is mounted inside the truck) or
- direct connection with DirectConnect 2M tool (MR is placed on your table).

This function is especially useful for chip tuning works and recovering unit after the broken update. All operations are done via OBD, there is no need to decapsulate/open the unit, so unit stays in factory condition and therefore no warranty is voided.
This function allows cloning MR. You read one MR, save to *.bin file, and write it to another MR.

2. License MB KEYS

MB Keys learn - allows to add new keys for the truck over OBD (MR (PLD) control unit). No additional equipment is used, all operations are done offline, the only connection to the truck required.
It is possible to add a new key, erase old keys, while connected to the unit via:
- OBD (MR is mounted inside the truck) or
- direct connection with DirectConnect 2M tool (MR is placed on your table).
Disable immobilizer in FR and MR. IMMO OFF.

3. License MB CALC

MB VeDoc and FDOK calculators - calculates access codes for VeDoc (X1, X2, X8) and FDOK (XT, XN, XS) algorithms for MR (PLD) control unit.
Must be used together with XENTRY (DAS) software and compatible diagnostic tool where these codes are asked. All operations are done offline. The only connection to the truck required for VEDOC.
For FDOK calculations not needed connection to the truck. FDOK code for new and old DAS.
DAS password generator - calculates password asked by DAS to access some special functions (MR downgrade from Euro 4, 5 to Euro 3 etc. Disable AdBlue)

4. License FR

The license allows accessing FR memory. Supported FMR; FR; FR/CPC; CPC1EU; CPC2EU. Immo off in FR.
Not supported: CPC2 NAFTA; CPC2+ NAFTA; CPC4 NAFTA; CPC3; ADM2; ADM3.

5. License 2011+

For PLD memory read and write operation (category memo) PLD with XC2287 secured microprocessor. The license allows accessing firmware 22B, 23E, 24B from the 2011 year.
Continental Euro5 PLD: (MCU XC2287 (flash 768kB), 1 EEPROM M95640).
Needed: MB MEMO license

6. License CRV

The license allows to Read/Write FLASH & EEPROMs of CRV1 & CRV2 engine control unit of Mercedes S, ML, GL class via OBD2.

7. License CR (CDI)

The license allows to Read/Write FLASH & EEPROMs of CDI engine control unit used in MB V-class, Sprinter and Vito via the diagnostic port. CDI<>WSP pairing.

8. License MAN KEYS

Key programming for MAN truck with  FFR or PTM over OBD or DC2.
No master key, no additional equipment is required. All operations are done offline, the only connection to the truck is required.
Paring by OBD: EDC7+FFR, EDC7+PTM, MS6.x+FFR
Paring by DC2: EDC7+FFR, EDC7+PTM (cables not included)
Years: 1999 - 2014

9. License SFTP DIAG

SFTP truck DTC Read/Erase. Full report in PDF format.
Diagnostic is available by OBD or by DirectConnect 2M tool.
The license is merged with MB DIAG license.
NOTE: SFTP - Strategic Future Truck Platform. Original name of MP4 EURO6 truck.

10. License MB EXTRA

Speed limit Read and Write for PLD and FR
The torque limit R/W
AdBlue error Erase

11. License CPC3 EXTRA

Speed limit R/W for SFTP (MP4): MCM and CPC3.

12. License DIAG

The license allows to Read DTC with the error description on MP3 and SFTP (MP4) trucks.
Clear DTC.
Read and Erase fault codes. Export a full report to PDF file.

13. License Android

Truck Explorer Android 2.1 license. For phones (tablets) we created Android mobile app: "Truck Explorer" More simple, more useful. The license is included, but the software must be purchased in a Google Play store.

14. Update/support subscription.

Update/support subscription for 12 months is included in a kit. After 12 months the device will work, but support and update would not be provided.


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