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New software v6.18 released


Truck Explorer version 6.18 (build 14707)  from 2021-07-29

What's new in v6.18:
 * MAN PTM immo off/on (tokens) More info
 * MAN FFR immo off/on (tokens)
 * MAN FFR reading VDF (Vehicle Data File) directly from ECU (tokens)
 * MAN PTM reading VDF (Vehicle Data File) directly from ECU (tokens)
 * MAN ZBR parameter: central lubrication (tokens)
 * MAN ZBR parameter: air sensors (tokens)
 * MAN ZBR parameter: AdBlue control in OBDU (tokens)
 * MB/KAMAZ CPC4 speed limit (tokens)
 * MB/KAMAZ CPC5 speed limit (tokens)
 * VCM3 EEPROM read/write via OBD/DC (License VCM2 DC)
 * DC2U-CPC5 cable support added

What's upgraded:
 * MB CPC new versions (45, 4B) are added
 * MB MCM2.1 new versions (0007C1, 0006BC) are added
 * MB ACM2.1 new versions (00022A, 00024F, 000E4F, 000E1D, 000E3E) are added
 * MAN EDC7C32 new version (451) is added
 * MAN FFR new versions (D3.40, D4.60, D4.70, D4.90) are added
 * MAN PTM/FFR during connect show is EOL info present (was ECU preprogrammed at factory or not)
 * MAN PTM show warning that some PTM operations might not work while M-CAN is connected to EDC7
 * IVECO EDC7UC31 new versions (9.2.0, P509, P957, P532) are added
 * IVECO VCM2 new version (VCM_SW_WP8_rel5A) is added

What's fixed:
* fixed: DC2 FR/CPC connection fixed (was "bad cable ID" or "internal error")
* fixed: MR XC2287, XC2288 FLASH write fixed
* fixed: VCM3 FLASH write fixed
* fixed: CPC EEPROM write fixed (was "error 9.0")
* fixed: Ignition popup during connect to KAMAZ truck
* fixed: MR hardware version A8/A7 in BSL mode detection fixed
* fixed: PTM EEPROM read via JTAG (invalid data was returned)
* fixed: MB TCM unpairing fixed "error 0.0"
* fixed: VIN check is not so strict (now we show "< invalid >" only if it is totally unprintable)
* fixed: MR VeDoc in BSL mode fixed "Internal error"
* fixed: IVECO EDC7UC31 was not detected over OBD
* fixed: IVECO CALC fixes PIN read
* fixed: for unknown ECU versions we allow to read EEPROM too (before we allowed to read FLASH only)
* fixed: MR FLASH write (was "error 0.3")
* fixed: "internal error" during connect to truck with CPC5
* bug fixes

New operations in software v6.18. Price in Tokens.

ECU name:

Operation name:

Price in tokens

CPC4 Speed limit  (new!) 20
CPC5 Speed limit  (new!) 50
FFR IMMO OFF or ON  (new!) 50
PTM IMMO OFF or ON  (new!) 50
FFR Read VDF file  (new!) 10
PTM Read VDF file  (new!) 50
ZBR Central lubrication system  (new!) 30
ZBR AdBlue control  (new!) 50
ZBR Air sensors  (new!) 50

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