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Software v7.4 version (Stable)


What's new in software v7.4 (2023-09-21):

  1. ACM "Erase emission faults" added (Action tab, needs License MB EXTRA);
  2. Volvo EMS 2.2, 2.3 JTAG memory operations in JTAG mode (License Volvo EMS2 + DC2U-EMS2 cable)
  3. Volvo EMS 2.2 memory operations via GPT (License Volvo EMS2)
  4. Volvo EMS 2.3 memory operations via GPT (License Volvo EMS2)
  5. DAF GS3.6 BSL memory operations (License GS3)
  6. SCANIA EMS S7 diagnostic (License SCANIA EMS S7 soon)
  7. CPC3 from MB buses is supported (upgraded DC2U-CPC3 cable)

New ECU versions: 

  1. CPC4 diagnosis version 020011


  1. Connect via OBD to Volvo (sometimes was "error 0.3")
  2. Volvo faults clear (sometimes was "error 3.5")
  3. Connect via OBD to Mercedes old (MP2) trucks (some ECUs were not detected)

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