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Truck Explorer V6 kits
Truck Explorer PRO18  9900 €
Truck Explorer Chipallino  6500 €
Truck Explorer Standard  4100 €
Truck Explorer DoberMAN  2900 €
Truck Explorer Kamatic  3100 €
Truck Explorer V5 kits
Truck Explorer Revolution  2000 €  2200 €
Truck Explorer V3 kits
Truck Explorer PRO v3.0  1200 €  3100 €
Truck Explorer additional
DirectConnect 2U  900 €  New!
License GS  850 €  New!
MBench Lite  3000 €  New!
License MCM2.1 OBD  1000 €  New!
License MCM2.1 DC  800 €
License MCM2.1 BSL  800 €
License MCM2 OBD  1000 €
License MCM2 DC  800 €
License MCM OBD  1000 €
License MCM BSL  700 €
License ACM2.1 OBD  1000 €
License ACM2.1 DC  800 €
License ACM2 OBD  1000 €
License ACM2 DC  800 €
License SFTP CALC  300 €
License CPC3 EXTRA  250 €
License 2018+  850 €
License 2014+  850 €
License 2011+  500 €
License MB MEMO  500 €
License MB KEYS  500 €
License MB CALC  500 €
License FR  700 €
License FR BSL  300 €
License CPC BSL  300 €
License ADM BSL  600 €
License ADM EXTRA  100 €
License IVECO VCM  700 €
License IVECO CALC  500 €
License MAN KEYS  850 €
License MAN FFR  700 €
License FFR BSL  300 €
License CR  500 €
License CRV  200 €
Update and Support Service  960 €
DirectConnect cable
Keys for trucks
Key for MAN truck  15 €  20 €
Key for MB truck GHU-72ATPO  15 €  20 €
Key for MB truck GHU-72TPO  15 €  20 €
Transponder ID 13  7 €  8 €
PSA Explorer
PSA Explorer  1400 €  1890 €
Linear Flash Cards
MBLF (PCMCIA Card for Tech2)  350 €
G-Scan 1  1500 €  1890 €

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    AutoVEI news

 About Truck Explorer®

Truck Explorer® - a unique tool on the market for special operations on Mercedes, Freightliner, BrahatBenz, MAN, MAZ, KAMAZ, CLASS, PONSSO, IVECO and other trucks and buses. It allows to read/write memory (FLASH / EEPROM), make IMMO OFF, program new keys, calculate access codes (example: VeDoc (X1, X2, X8) and FDOK (XT, XN) ). Chiptuning, Immobilizers, Deactivate DTCs by ECU. ECU Cloning Without Soldering. All operations are done via OBD2, J1708 port and via direct connection (see DirectConnect 2M tool).

All licenses are the lifetime. The VEI device will work all the time. With annual update/support subscription, you will get our support and updates for bug fixes. Valid subscription required to purchase additional licenses.

 Truck Explorer® Christmas OFFER

With a new Truck Explorer V6 kit get a free 10 years of Update/support subscription! 
Offer until January 10, 2019. 

 Truck Explorer V6 kits



 Truck Explorer V5 kits

Sale of Truck Explorer Revolution V5 kit:

Main functions by OBD:
- read/write PLD (MR)
- read/write FR/CPC
- key programing
- downgrade to EURO3 (disable AdBlue)
- VEDOC, FDOK, DAS password
- speed limit change
- torque limit change

Support and updates for 12 months!
Lifetime licenses!
Works only with Truck Explorer software 5.9!
Until 2020 year could be exchanged to V6 device!
Best offer for workshops to start work with a truck electronics!


 New VEI device and software version released!

VEI V5 exchange to V6


 Truck Explorer V3 kit

Sale of Truck Explorer PRO v3.0!

Very good price!
But not updatable and not upgradable.
Device is brand new in plastic case.
DirectConnect cable with Transreader included in a kit.
Support and warranty on device - 12 months!

 SFTP (MP4, EURO6) read/write by OBD

Finally, we have released licenses for all MCM and ACM versions read/write by OBD. The process takes about 5 minutes. Needed only VEI connection to the truck OBD and additional licenses: 

License MCM2.1 OBD
License MCM2 OBD
License MCM OBD
License ACM2.1 OBD
License ACM2 OBD

All these licenses are included in new Chipallino kit. Description of MCM and ACM generation is here.

 Speed limit on SFTP (MP4, EURO6) by OBD

License CPC3 EXTRA released. With this license, you are able to change the speed limit on new Mercedes trucks (MP4, EURO6).
The operation is done by OBD in 1 minute.

The license is available only for users with VEI V4/V5 and valid Update/support subscription.


 New Truck Explorer software v5.9

New software released on 2018-05-23.

What's new in v5.9:

* new PLD (MR2) 2018+ years (firmware 30C) supported now
* new CPC versions added
* Chinese Traditional translation added
* the installer supports more languages now
* bugs fixed:
-- application freeze after device communication error;
-- MCM2 DC license check;
-- f Flash is locked Read is not allowed;
-- WiFi ROUTER mode works correctly now


 YouTube channel  Truck Explorer - Youtube

How to read/write ADM?

How to change a speed limit on Mercedes EURO6?

How to change a speed limit on ADM (KAMAZ)?

How to read/write a FLASH and EEPROM from ACM2.1 (2017)?

How to read/write a FLASH and EEPROM from MCM2.1 (2017)?

How to read/write Mercedes MR PLD FLASH, EEPROM?

MR with firmware: 23F, 24C, 25B, 26x. How to read/write Flash and EEPROM?

How to disable AdBlue by rewriting a FLASH memory?

How to read/write MAN FFR Flash, EEPROM?

How to disable AdBlue (downgrade to EURO3)?

 Vehicle Explorer Interface V5 with WiFi
  • Vehicle Explorer Interface® (VEI®) build in a metallic aluminium case.
  • Aluminum enclosure with USB connector safe lock protects your device from destructive mechanical effects;
  • SAE-J1708 added;
  • MUX (multiplexor build in) – no need for additional OBD to OBD cables anymore;
  • Internal memory changed to 8Gb. It helps to save more data and log information for a long time;
  • VEI works under 2nd Cloud system generation, what helps end user and support team to fix all technical problems faster.  

Now you could choose one of three ways how to connect:
1. Connect directly from laptop to VEI® by WiFi connection.
2. Connect to VEI thru your WiFi router.
3. Connect by USB.

 DirectConnect 2M

A new generation DirectConnect 2M tool (DC2) for different vehicle control modules programming without complete vehicle system.

ISP helps Read & Write unknown or damaged firmware from vehicle control units.

BSL mode, TriCore BL mode, Motorola BKG mode, NEC serial BL ready.

More >>> 


    PSA Explorer

PSA ExplorerPSA Explorer is a solution on the market for programming Peugeot and Citroen immobilizer keys without knowledge of car's PIN code. All operations are easy to use and are done via OBD connector.


  • PIN reading - this function extracts PIN necessary for immobilizer key programming directly from car's BSI module via OBD. No more disassembly works, no more soldering, no need for dealer server! The fast and safe operation, just plug the device into OBD and press the button.
  • Keys programming - when PIN is already known, up to 5 keys/remote controls can be programmed for the car.
  • A user interfaces in multiple languages.
  • Automatic updates via the Internet.

Citroen Peugeot PIN reader; Citroen PIN from VIN; Peugeot & Citroen Immobiliser code calculator; Immobilizer PIN Code for Peugeot & Citroen models; Peugeot Vin to Pin; Citroen VIN to PIN



 Truck Explorer V6 kits



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