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Our clients, who have valid Update/Support subscription and a new VEI V4/V5 device must use Truck Explorer v5.9 software. New software version 5.9 released from 2018-05-23.


What's new in v5.9:

* new PLD (MR2) 2018+ years (firmware 30C) supported now
* new CPC versions added
* Chinese Traditional translation added
* the installer supports more languages now
* bugs fixed:
-- application freeze after device communication error;
-- MCM2 DC license check;
-- f Flash is locked Read is not allowed;
-- WiFi ROUTER mode works correctly now

Version v5.8:

* OBD connect to MB MP2/MP3 trucks fixed (instrument cluster should be ok)

Version v5.7:

  * MCM/ACM checksums are calculated correctly now
  * Iveco ignition check fixed (removed)
  * bug in MAZ/KAMAZ "Detect units" fixed
  * bug in MCM/ACM "Read faults" fixed
  * translations for DE, TR updated 

Version 5.6:

  * IVECO ignition bug fixed. OBD
  * IVECO PIN read.OBD
  * MCM/ACM VeDoc calculation OBD2/DC2
  * MBench PLD Lite license added. DC2
  * Mercedes SFTP (MP4) ECUs Faults (DTC) Read / Erase. OBD / DC2

Version 5.5

  *  occasional "Internal error" during keys add/memory operations was fixed
  *  occasional "Internal error" during "Configure Wifi" was fixed

Version 5.4

  *  IVECO VCM Flash and EEPROM read/write via OBD
  *  EDC/MS6.x-PTM pairing added
  *  DirectConnect PTM<>EDC Y-cables support added.
  *  DirectConnect FFR<>EDC Y-cables support added.
  *  Internal bugs fixed

Version 5.3

  *  IVECO VCM Flash and EEPROM read/write via OBD
  *  EDC/MS6.x-PTM pairing added
  *  DirectConnect PTM<>EDC Y-cables support added.
  *  DirectConnect FFR<>EDC Y-cables support added. 
  *  MCM2.1 (2017) read/write is now supported. (License MCM2.1).
  *  ACM2.1 (2017) read/write is now supported. (License ACM2.1).
  *  Change "SPEED LIMIT" on MP4 (License EXTRA). NEW free function!!!
  *  Paring MS 6.x and FFR. NEW free function!!!
  *  Made connect more clear: before CONNECT user choose a type of connection (OBD/DC/BSL)
  *  Shown "PLD type" for dump search on NEW and FREE!!!
  *  DAS password via DC for MR is available now
  *  Internal bugs fixed

Version 5.2

* Lock/unlock function for MR 2014+ ECUs. NEW free function!!! 
* Communication with DC2 cable fixed
* "Configure Wifi" fixed
* BSL ACM2.1 bug fix
* To use this new version valid Support & Update subscriptions are required.

Version 5.0

* VEI with WIFI support added more CPC versions supported
* CNG flash read fixed
* CDI flash read, CDI-WSP synchronization fixed
* XC2287 BSL mode fixed ignition switched off after every operation via DC/DC2 cable
* bugs fixed: 
   - hangup during connecting to old devices;
   - connect to ADM;
   - faults read in DIRECT mode;
   - operations with DC2 cable.
* MAN: have added EDC7 info
* MAN: show EDC-FFR/PTM pairing status
* MAN: pairing operations are enabled only if both EDC and FFR/PTM present
* IMO: bug in Erase Faults fixed 
* operation with KAMAZ/MAZ/CLAAS fixed
* 3 new CPC added
* 1 new and MCM2.1 added
* application startup problems fixed. Works on Windows XP.

Supported languages: English, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

Truck Explorer for Android

For phones/tablets, we created Android mobile app: Truck Explorer
More simple, more useful.


Our clients, who have valid Update/Support subscription and have VEI in plastic case needs to use Truck Explorer v3.0 software.


Note: MB Truck Explorer v2.2 software not supported from 2014-10-31.

PSA Explorer  v1.9  (13 MB)

What's new in v1.9:
* more error explanations added 
* "Verify PIN", "Read immo info" functions added
* BSI connect bug fixed, please update your devices.
* Support of Siemens BSI (CAN) added (Peugeot 407 2006 and some other cars)
* GUI: key programming wizard is more comfortable now.
* Support of newest Continental BSI added (Citroen C4 2010+, DS4, DS5; Peugeot 508).

User Manual instructions (PDF)

Multi Bank Linear Flash Card

Manual instructions (PDF)

VEI USB driver installation (1.3 MB)

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 (x86 and x64)  


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