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Our clients, who have valid Update/Support subscription and a new VEI V6 device must use Truck Explorer v6.x software.

Software installation and VEI activation manual (PDF)  

What's new v6.18 (build 14747) (2021-08-04):

  1. MAN PTM immo off/on (tokens)
  2. MAN FFR immo off/on (tokens)
  3. MAN FFR reading VDF (Vehicle Data File) directly from ECU (tokens)
  4. MAN PTM reading VDF (Vehicle Data File) directly from ECU (tokens)
  5. MAN ZBR parameter: central lubrication (tokens)
  6. MAN ZBR parameter: air sensors (tokens)
  7. MAN ZBR parameter: AdBlue control (tokens)
  8. MB/KAMAZ CPC4 speed limit (tokens)
  9. MB/KAMAZ CPC5 speed limit (tokens)
  10. MB CPC5 connection info added
  11. MB CPC new versions (45, 4B) are added
  12. MB MCM2.1 new versions (0007C1, 0006BC) are added
  13. MB ACM2.1 new versions (00022A, 00024F, 000E4F, 000E1D, 000E3E) are added
  14. MAN EDC7C32 new version (451) is added
  15. MAN FFR new versions (D3.40, D4.60, D4.70, D4.90) are added
  16. MAN PTM/FFR during connect show is EOL info present (was ECU preprogrammed at a factory or not)
  17. MAN PTM show warning that some PTM operations might not work while M-CAN is connected to EDC7
  18. IVECO EDC7UC31 new versions (9.2.0, P509, P957, P532) are added
  19. IVECO VCM2 new version (VCM_SW_WP8_rel5A) is added
  20. VCM3 EEPROM read/write via OBD/DC
  21. DC2U-CPC5 cable support added
  22. fixed: DC2 FR/CPC connection fixed (was "bad cable ID" or "internal error")
  23. fixed: MR XC2287, XC2288 FLASH write fixed
  24. fixed: CPC EEPROM write fixed (was "error 9.0")
  25. fixed: Ignition popup during connect to KAMAZ truck
  26. fixed: MR hardware version A8/A7 in BSL mode detection fixed
  27. fixed: MB TCM unpairing fixed "error 0.0"
  28. fixed: VIN check is not so strict (now we show "< invalid >" only if it is totally unprintable)
  29. fixed: MR VeDoc in BSL mode fixed "Internal error"
  30. fixed: IVECO EDC7UC31 was not detected over OBD
  31. fixed: VCM3 FLASH write fixed
  32. fixed: IVECO CALC fixes PIN read
  33. fixed: for unknown ECU versions we allow to read EEPROM too (before we were allowed to read FLASH only)
  34. bug fixes

What's new v6.17 (build 14329) (2021-06-08):

  1. fixed: Iveco EDC7UC31 FLASH write over DC (non GPT) or OBD (was "error 3.5 at 9%")
  2. fixed: removed double CPC3/CPC4 info during connect to Mercedes Bus via OBD
  3. new: many new CPC/CPC3/CPC4 firmware versions added
  4. new: new EDC7C32 and EDC7UC31 firmware versions added
  5. new: EDC7UC31 from KAMAZ and FORD CARGO supported (OBD, DC, GPT and BDM modes)
  6. new: MCM2.1 HW:D4 firmware lock/unlock (unlock price is 10 tokens)
  7. new: MCM2.1 HW:D4 now available to read/write (DC,OBD,BSL), but only after unlock in BSL mode.
  8. fixed: PTM EEPROM operations fixed (got "error 3.5 at 66%")
  9. changed: EDC7 hardware versions renamed (was "E4" "E5" now "0" "1" etc)
  10. fixed: EIS DC connection fixed (was "bad cable ID" error)
  11. fixed: EDC7 Iveco (EDC7UC31) FLASH operations now work ok via OBD or DC (non GPT mode)
  12. fixed: removed requirement to disconnect FFR or PTM before EDC7 OBD memory operations (still need for DC operations)
  13. fixed: IVECO PIN in BSL mode (was "internal error")
  14. EDC7C32 FLASH read/write with autochecksum in DC mode (fixed)
  15. Software shows what license is missing for unavailable operations with link to MyVEI shop
  16. Ukrainian translations
  17. application now works with old outdated graphical drivers installed (slower software rendering is used)
  18. new FR version (diagnosis version 33, version 10) added
  19. new CPC4 version (R34_01_000A diag version 02060A) added
  20. License SCANIA COO7 JTAG is added
  21. DC2U-COO7 cable
  22. New License MAN EDC7 GPT : EDC7C32 Full Flash/EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 GPT. Auto Checksum.
  23. New cable DC2U-EDC7C32_GPT.
  24. New License IVECO EDC7 GPT : EDC7UC31 Full Flash/EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 GPT. Auto Checksum.
  25. New cable DC2U-EDC7UC31_GPT.
  26. New License EDC7 BDM : Recover Flash/EEPROM of EDC7C32 or EDC7UC31 in BDM mode (Need to open ECU).
  27. Parameters for EDC7C32 modifying (for tokens) are added: Tester info, Item Number, Data Record Number, Software Numbers, Unmachined Part Number, EOL Info, VIN code
  28. New PTM versions (PTM_05_08_3, PTM_06_06_7) are added.
  29. New FFR versions (D2.30, D2.50, D3.50, D3.C0, D3.D0, D3.E0, D4.60, D4.90) are added
  30. License MR+ upgraded. New MR2 software version 31B added.
  31. Old License MAN EDC7 DC renamed to MAN EDC7 GPT.
  32. Translation to Arabic is updated.
  33. Translation to Russian is updated.
  34. GSII hardware version 6 error 3.5 during memory read/write fixed.
  35. Pairing of MS6+FFR, EDC7+FFR, EDC7+PTM fixed.
  36. fixed hardware class returned for EHZ C167CS.
  37. misc minor bugs fixed

What's new v6.16 (build 13525) (2021-03-10):

  1. Show both "current" & "original" VINs for SFTP ECUs
  2. For paid operations showing coin icon
  3. Torque limit for ACM2.1 added (*for tokens)
  4. New MR2 new firmware version 25C is added  (License MR+)
  5. New PTM (PTM_03_03_4), FFR (D1.02) versions added
  6. GS2 memory operations fixed
  7. Added License CPC3Evo JTAG memory operation
  8. PTM, FFR parameters added: speed limit, torque limit, RPMs, identifications (for tokens)
  9. ACM2, ACM2.1 parameters added (for tokens)
  10. MCM2, MCM2.1 parameters added (for tokens)
  11. MR parameters added: solenoid valve 7, 8 (for tokens)
  12. MCM immo switch from FBS3 to Classic mode (for tokens)
  13. MCM immo switch from Classic to FBS3 mode (for tokens)
  14. FFR, FR, PTM, CPC4 new versions are added
  15. "Erase all faults" button added
  16. during fault report showing the number of faults found for every ECU in log
  17. allow to manually read out FLASH for "unknown hardware" ECUs; dump will be sent to support team automatically
  18. some licenses joined together:
    1) MB_MEMO, MB_MRC167_BSL -> MB_MR
    2) MB_2011+, MB_2014+, MB_2018+, MB_MRXC2287_BSL, MB_MRXC2288_BSL -> MB_MR+
    3) MB_EHZ_C167CS_BSL, MB_EHZ_10F269_BSL -> MB_EHZ_BSL
  19. misc bugs fixed

What's new v6.15 (build 12923) (2020-12-17):

  1. License CPC3 DC. Read/write CPC3 memory operations over DC2-CPC3 cable. (full Flash MPC5566, full Eeprom AT25256).
  2. License CPC3 JTAG. DC2-JTAG/BDM dongle support for memory operations: CPC3 JTAG (MPC5566)
  3. License PTM JTAG. DC2-JTAG/BDM dongle support for memory operations: PTM JTAG (MPC5554)
  4. License MCM2.1 BSL is updated. Recover MCM2.1 HW:D3 (locked) in BSL mode with DC2-ISP7_MCM2.1 cable
  5. ACM2 torque limit (enable/disable) (4 tokens)
  6. MCM power correction (16 tokens)
  7. TCM (FESTO) added for unpair/pair operation 
  8. TCM unpair (now 100 tokens, not 300)
  9. MCM unpair (now 50 tokens, not 150)
  10. New version of CPC4, ACM2.1, PTM are added (for free)
  11. MAN faults over CAN added (MAN EURO6 diagnostic)
  12. License MB DIAG and MAN DIAG in any V6 kits from v6.15 (for free)
  13. License MB_MCMACM_VEDOC was renamed to MB_SFTP_CALC
  14. Now showing real voltage in left upper corner
  15. Truck list is shown in dropdown list now
  16. Now it is possible to read MCM/ACM via BSL and write same file via DC or OBD without manual modification
  17. License 2011+ license removed (merged with License 2014+)
  18. bug with ACM2.1 license fixed
  19. fixed ignition check for SFTP trucks via OBD
  20. missed CPC3 detection via OBD fixed
  21. ECU locked status show fixed
  22. RU translations updated
  23. Misc bugs fixed
What's new v6.14 (build 11582) (2020-06-04):
* Now able to modify MR ECU parameters:
- engine number,
- power correction (EOL)
- operating time
* New offline tokens system (currently used for ECU parameters & SFTP keys operations)
* Mercedes bus added
* Old keys (transponder system) operations for MCM
* EHZ support added (BSL mode)
* All known ECU information is shown in faults report
* Misc errors fixed
What's new v6.13 (build 11109) (2020-01-23):
* EZS, CR4, VGS (unpair/pair) keys operations added
* show SSID & immo status for EIS
* 'Pairing' operation is now available for EIS
* IRRF device reads transponder key info
* new PTM versions added
* misc bugs fixed

What's new v6.12 (build 10973) (2019-11-29):
* New License SFTP KEYS: EIS/MCM/TCM keys operations added: 'Read keys info', 'Unpairing' (Online, DC mode only) & 'Pairing' (Offline, OBD mode only)
* VEI hardware can be tested now with special Selftest adapter
* New versions for FR, CPC, ACM, MCM added
* To update DC2, all ECU must be disconnected
* Minor bugs fixed

What's new v6.11 (build 10760) (2019-09-13):
* New ACM2.1, MCM2.1 versions added
* TCM ECU info read added
* Now ECU must be selected before connecting via DC (no default value)
* Before writing Flash to MR, FR, GS2, ACM and MCM hardware versions are checked
* Log area can be copied by right mouse button click
* Fix bug when write flash/fuel map operation threw an error after trying to correct crc
* Misc bugs fixed
What's new from v6.0 in v6.10 (build 10547) (2019-07-01):
* Added Volkswagen truck with connection types: 'DC2 PTM', 'DC2 EDC', 'DC2 PTM, EDC'. Available operations: Memory, Keys & Faults codes
* Added CPC4 to KAMAZ trucks
* Connect to ACM fixed
* Ignition can be skipped only for MCM, ACM & CPC ECUs
* Changed pictures for Mercedes, MAN & KAMAZ trucks
* Fixed bug when connection to FR failed for some trucks
* Fixed bug when was unable to connect to EIS with 24V
* Fixed bug when after canceled 'Memory analyze' operation next operation crashed application
* Fixed bug: do not allow FLASH write operations when ECU processor is locked
* Setup checks if OpenGL version is valid
* When upgrade, previous TruckExplorer settings are used
* MAN EDC7 FLASH read/write added (experimental feature). Only TESTS!
* Fixed PTM keys operations
* Improved PTM memory operations
* Fixed bug with VCM2 and DC2U
* Fixed connect to EDC when PTM presents
* Fixed communication with MR by OBD for Latin America region
* Added translated faults descriptions for MB trucks
* Updated Spanish translations
* PTM (VW) DC added
* PTM memory write fixed
* Fixed bug with FR torque "bad value"
* Added MAN diagnostics (License MAN DIAG)
* Added VCM3 BSL MB91F469G to IVECO truck (License VCM3 BSL)
* Added Portuguese language
* Fixed connections issues to some CPC4
* Fixed bug with FR torque "bad value"
* Fixed bug with error message "error code 5" while running keys operations
* Fixed bug when memory size = 0 and was able to run read/write operation
* Fixed bug when was unable to connect via 'BSL CNG' to CNG ECU
* Added MAN PTM Flash&EEPROM read/write operation by DirectConnect2U tool (License PTM DC)
* TeamViewer quick support app added
* added Greek, German, Russian, Lithuanian & updated Spanish translations; fixed punctuation errors
* user can skip ignition during connection to truck
* 'Update device' operation can update DC2 tool firmware as well
* informational dialog is shown when device will become out of date soon
* changed log output format: information about calculators settings (id code, random number...), calculated results and additional EXTRA operations data are displayed in the log now
* when connection mode is Bootstrap suggested memory dump names end with 'BSL'
* MCM/MCM2, ACM2/ACM2.1 BSL write fixed
* Iveco VCM TC1765 BSL added (memory operations & PIN calculator)
* fixed bug when was not able connect to MCM TC1796 BSL
 * added BharatBenz & Mitsubishi Fuso trucks
 * added new GSII versions
 * added French language; Greek translation fixed
 * WiFi DIRECT mode can be forced by VEI button now
 * Memory & Keys operations are grouped now
 * on small screens tooltip message is shown with operation results
* GS2 BSL is supported
* CPC4+ BSL is supported
* Turkish language
* Greek language
* GS2 (EPS3) is supported
* CPC4+ is supported


Our clients, who have VEI V4 (V5) device must use Truck Explorer v5.9 software. Software released in 2018-05-23.

Version v5.9 (Stable):

  * new PLD (MR2) 2018+ years (firmware 30C) supported now
  * new CPC versions added
  * Chinese Traditional translation added
  * OBD connect to MB MP2/MP3 trucks fixed (instrument cluster bug fixed)
  * MCM/ACM checksums are calculated correctly now
  * Iveco ignition check fixed (removed)
  * bug in MAZ/KAMAZ "Detect units" fixed
  * bug in MCM/ACM "Read faults" fixed
  * translations for DE, TR updated 
  * IVECO ignition bug fixed. OBD
  * IVECO PIN read.OBD
  * MCM/ACM VeDoc calculation OBD2/DC2
  * MBench PLD Lite license added. DC2
  * Mercedes SFTP (MP4) ECUs Faults (DTC) Read / Erase. OBD / DC2
  *  occasional "Internal error" during keys add/memory operations was fixed
  *  occasional "Internal error" during "Configure Wifi" was fixed
  *  IVECO VCM Flash and EEPROM read/write via OBD
  *  EDC/MS6.x-PTM pairing added
  *  DirectConnect PTM<>EDC Y-cables support added.
  *  DirectConnect FFR<>EDC Y-cables support added.
  *  IVECO VCM Flash and EEPROM read/write via OBD
  *  EDC/MS6.x-PTM pairing added
  *  DirectConnect PTM<>EDC Y-cables support added.
  *  DirectConnect FFR<>EDC Y-cables support added. 
  *  MCM2.1 (2017) read/write is now supported. (License MCM2.1).
  *  ACM2.1 (2017) read/write is now supported. (License ACM2.1).
  *  Change "SPEED LIMIT" on MP4 (License EXTRA)
  *  Paring MS6.x and FFR
  *  Made connect more clear: before CONNECT user choose a type of connection (OBD/DC/BSL)
  *  Shows "PLD type".
  *  DAS password via DC for MR is available now.
  *  Internal bugs fixed.
  * Lock/unlock function for MR 2014+ ECUs
  * Communication with DC2 cable fixed
  * "Configure Wifi" fixed
  * BSL ACM2.1 bug fix
  * To use this new version valid Support & Update subscriptions are required.
  * VEI with WIFI support added more CPC versions supported
  * CNG flash read fixed
  * CDI flash read, CDI-WSP synchronization fixed
  * XC2287 BSL mode fixed ignition switched off after every operation via DC/DC2 cable
  * MAN: have added EDC7 info
  * MAN: show EDC-FFR/PTM pairing status
  * MAN: pairing operations are enabled only if both EDC and FFR/PTM present
  * IMO: bug in Erase Faults fixed 
  * operation with KAMAZ/MAZ/CLAAS fixed
  * 3 new CPC added
  * 1 new and MCM2.1 added
  * application startup problems fixed. Works on Windows XP.

Supported languages: English, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

Truck Explorer for Android

For phones/tablets, we created Android mobile app: Truck Explorer
More simple, more useful.


Our clients, who have valid Update/Support subscription and have VEI in plastic case needs to use Truck Explorer v3.0 software.


Note: MB Truck Explorer v2.2 software not supported from 2014-10-31.

PSA Explorer  v1.9  (13 MB)

What's new in v1.9:
* more error explanations added 
* "Verify PIN", "Read immo info" functions added
* BSI connect bug fixed, please update your devices.
* Support of Siemens BSI (CAN) added (Peugeot 407 2006 and some other cars)
* GUI: key programming wizard is more comfortable now.
* Support of newest Continental BSI added (Citroen C4 2010+, DS4, DS5; Peugeot 508).

User Manual instructions (PDF)

Multi Bank Linear Flash Card

Manual instructions (PDF)

VEI USB driver installation (1.3 MB)

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 (x86 and x64)  


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